About Rancho Encino

Welcome to Rancho Encino, or in English, Oak Ranch (even though there's not an oak tree in sight!).

Here, we're all about ranch living and colorful flowers.

Our flower farming journey has been a real eye-opener, and we're excited to share the wisdom we've gained with you!

The antics from our flower farm are bound to brighten your day.

We're a mother-daughter duo on a mission to grow a flower farm (with absolutely zero prior experience); we laugh, so we don't cry.

Our highlighted series:

The Petal Pusher’s Diary

Katie talks about our fledgling flower farm—let's say we're giving "green thumbs" a whole new meaning.

We are diving into the world of petals and documenting every hilarious blooper and unexpected triumph.

Our motto: if WE can grow flowers without prior know-how, YOU can do anything.

The Flowers are Calling

Join us on our crazy adventure as we navigate the ranch and blossom into flower aficionados.

Rancho Encino has a free version and a paid version. Both contain stories and laughter, but the paid version will help support our writing and has bonuses such as floral tea recipes. We’d appreciate it if you signed up and doubly appreciative if you bought a paid subscription.

Rancho Encino is where life, laughter, and life lessons meet. Let’s do this together!

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Ranch living is like participating in a never-ending episode of "Survivor: Farm Edition."


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